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What we do

Seven Day Capital is an investment firm specializing in multifamily real estate. We believe in making things simple for our investors while achieving consistent returns.


Sebastian Porras is the Founder and Principal of Seven Day Capital. He established the firm to raise awareness about alternative investments and provide investment opportunities in real estate that provide more secure returns that are not heavily swayed by the volatility in other markets.


We have a duty to provide affordable and safe housing to the families in Florida who are in need of an alternative to unreasonably priced rents.

Our investment Strategy


The Southeast continues to experience population growth and is home to the fastest growing cities in the nation.


Our criteria prioritizes acquiring properties that will provide returns above a 13% average annualized return.

value add

We focus on increasing the value of our properties through renovations, reducing expenses, and creating additional sources of income besides rent.

3-10 year Hold

Every deal varies on how long the investment is held. We place an emphasis on doing what benefits our investors the most.


Distressed and mismanaged properties allow for the greatest upside for our value add strategies.


Economies of Scale

Problems such as vacancy do not impact multifamily properties to the extent it does with single family. For example, if a tenant leaves a fully occupied 100-unit apartment building then there is a 99% occupancy. However, if a tenant leaves a single family rental then it now has a 0% occupancy, therefore no cash flow.

Moreover, having more units associated with a property make it easier to hire staff and deliver a better product to our tenants.

Housing Shortage

With a lack of housing supply and an increase in migration to the Southeast, multifamily has never been in more demand. 

As our country continues to transition into a nation of renters, and people continue to downsize their living space, multifamily real estate will serve as an answer to these trends.

Tax Benefits

Real Estate offers numerous options to reduce and defer tax payments since the government incentivizes people to provide housing. 

For instance, depreciation is a tax write-off and allows investors to deduct a depreciation expense.

Furthermore, a cost-segregation study looks at personal property, land improvements, buildings/structures and land. This allows for more items to be depreciated, creating additional tax savings.


Real estate is a physical asset that is not volatile like other investments such as stocks and cryptocurrency. 

You can earn above-market returns while making passive income and not having to worry about the stock market tanking.